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About Katie

Just a little bit about me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Katie, I am 21 years old and I call Baltimore, Maryland my home. I am a full time college student, a painter and a professional dog walker. The reason I wanted to start this blog is so that I can share my outfit ideas and clothing choices with all of you!

I have always been one to put effort into my outfits but, I never got serious about it until I became a Wanelo model. That is what kind of kick started this obsession for me. Next thing I know, I’m spending hours on Pinterest and Instagram gathering inspiration for future outfits. Whether it be for vacation, holidays or even date night. I wanted to be able to reach out to people and share my ideas with everyone as well. So, here we are!

I am new to the whole blogging world so just bare with me a bit but, I promise I will get better as I go along. I also plan to share stuff about things other than fashion like art, baking and maybe some animal related posts (because who doesn’t love their fur babies?!). I’ve had some help from one of the companies that I collaborate with and a fellow Wanelo model. They have both been extremely helpful and I can’t thank them enough. I can’t wait to see where this blog takes me and I hope you all enjoy it as I go on this blogging journey!

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