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Sunday Afternoon in Fells

Living in Baltimore has it perks. Almost every neighborhood has something different to offer. One of my favorite areas of Baltimore is located in Fells Point. There is an array of food options, cute boutiques and beautiful scenery. I try to drag my boyfriend down there every so often to get my fix.

On this trip we came across a flea market that we have never seen before. Apparently they are there every second Sunday of the month until November. They set up right in the middle of the street on this concrete platform. There were so many unique items for sale. One stand had vintage cast iron items, another had vintage t-shirts (I ended up buying one for only $5), and some other stands had vintage jewelry pieces. Don’t get me wrong flea markets aren’t too hard to come by, but most flea markets now a days have a more “yard sale” type set up. It’s been hard to come buy flea markets that actually have antique or unique items. So, this is just another gem I have found right in the heart of Fell’s Point.

One of my favorite boutiques in Baltimore has always been Brightside Boutique. They always have the cutest pieces of clothing and the quirkiest birthday cards. Plus, each location located around Baltimore has different pieces of clothing that the other locations may not have. I also stumbled across a small shop called “Poppy & Stella”. All of their pieces are well-made and make a statement. They mostly sell the cutest shoes. If you know me, you know I can’t have enough shoes. They tend to be on the higher end of my budget so, I typically save shopping there for when I want to treat myself to one item. Today I came across a new store to me called “Primitive Apparel”. They actually have an older location in Ellicott City, but unfortunately their store was damaged in the flash floods this past spring. Not only was the store itself cute, but all of their clothing was well priced. Most of the clothing was on sale too and they offered bundle deals. I was able to buy a pair of jeans for $16!!! And also an over-sized flannel for only $11. I’ll have to post pictures of the jeans to my Instagram for you guys.

We finished off our day by eating some early dinner at “Stuggy’s”. We have always eyed up their little store, but we finally got to try it today. I tried the “Crab Mac” hot dog. It was a hot dog topped with mac&cheese, crab meat and the must have Old Bay spice. It was delicious, but it was so big I had to eat it with a fork and then I gave half to my boyfriend to eat because I get full so quickly.

All in all, I would say it was a perfect way to spend our Sunday together!

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