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Holy heck! Where have I been? My last blog post was in December and life has been a little crazy since then. In mid December when I posted my last blog post, I had just finished my toughest semester of college yet. I went to school for Veterinary Technology and during that semester I had my surgery classes which were very intimidating. So, I decided to take a little bit of break from everything because I felt overwhelmed.

Right around this time my family and I were dealing with the death of a loved one. So, it felt best to extend my break from everything. Then, when I felt ready to dive back into what I loved doing I had just started my last semester of college. During my last semester I had to do over 200 hours of internships. Luckily, I just turned in my last final for college and I feel like myself again.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I kicked off the start of summer with a trip to New York City. We typically only take day trips there, but this time we stayed at the Carlton Arms Hotel over night. This bohemian hotel is overflowing with art. Each room is painted by a different artist. They are filled floor to ceiling with murals. They also have two cats that roam around the hotel. We spent a lot of our time shopping, eating and exploring places like Central Park and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

We ate at a ton of different locations on this trip. Some of my favorites included “Penelope”, “Gramercy Kitchen” and “Stax Ice cream”. That is one thing that I love about NYC, all of the delicious food that is available to you on every corner. It makes eating out so convenient. We did walk a total of 25 miles in two days, so maybe next time well spend more money on transportation for the sake of my legs and feet.

I hope to get into the habit of posting more posts for you guys. I have some exciting things coming up like, going on a cruise, graduation and house hunting. I also, want to share with you guys one of the amazing companies I have been collaborating with for such a long time! In the mean time, here are some of my favorite pictures from New York.

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