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Picking Out a Tree

This was actually my first time going out and actually chopping down a Christmas Tree. Before this we had real trees, but we never actually got to chop one down. Every year we always just bought one pre-cut from a local store. My dad out of no where decided to go to an actual tree farm. I’m glad he had the idea because it was one of the best holiday experiences I’ve had.

When you arrive, the only way to get to the trees is to ride on a pile of hay on top of a trailer pulled by a tractor. I actually loved this part because it just added to the experience. The only downside is that it was already below freezing and then the wind was blowing in your face. Other than that it was perfect!

On the hay ride we got to see the rest of the farm. It was neat because we got to see every stage of the Christmas Trees. Some of them were so short and tiny that they probably wont be ready for another 8 years.

When the tractor drops you off, you’re literally in a middle of a field surrounded by trees. Now comes the hard part. Finding the PERFECT tree or well at least close enough.

Not too long into the search, we found the perfect tree. Pretty tall, but not tall enough to hit our ceiling. Then, my dad and boyfriend cut down the tree while my mom and I do the hardwork… observe (;

TA DA! The perfect tree!

I hope you guys enjoy this post. I highly recommend going out and chopping down your own tree for Christmas. I can’t wait to carry on this new tradition.

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