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Weekend In Westmoreland

Here is just a quick update about what has been going on since my last post. As some of you may know I am in my last year of college. While I am super excited to complete this chapter of my life, I am also extremely stressed and busy. Between work, surgery labs, upcoming internships, finals and selling artwork I have spread myself extremely thin. I feel extremely guilty that I haven’t been able to put as much energy into the blog as I would like. Have no fear, I already have upcoming blog posts planned for you guys and I’m almost done my busiest semester yet!

Since I have been so stressed, this little weekend trip was exactly what I needed. Every year my boyfriend’s family and I go down to Westmoreland state park in Virginia. This has actually been our fourth year going and we’re trying to make a little tradition out of it. We stay in this little cabin, along with a couple others up on this cliff. I find it very enjoyable because there is no TV and the cell service isn’t the best either. It allows for nice conversations, endless games of uno and sitting by the fire place just enjoying each others company.

Each morning is typically filled with coffee and some homemade breakfast. I love being able to get up, grab some coffee and head outside to enjoy the nature. Plus, Sadie our Golden Retriever enjoys it too. After everyone is done breakfast we typically head on this trail that is about a mile long and dumps you onto this beach called “Fossil Beach”.

The thing about this beach is that you can find some shark teeth hiding among the sand and pebbles. We will sometimes spend hours just searching for shark teeth and it is the best feeling when you finally stumble upon one. This year we only found 5 shark teeth but, we only got to go to the beach once. Hopefully next year we will be able to visit the beach more. While were at the beach Sadie likes to fetch sticks in the water as well. Her breed was bred for this type of activity so she thoroughly enjoys herself!

Even though the trail is only a fraction of what we do while we are down here, it is one of my favorite parts. There is nothing like walking through a quiet forest with your favorite people. Plus I get so much enjoyment out of watching Sadie run off leash and explore everything for herself. Last year we even stumbled across a family of deer eating brush off to the side of the trail. It’s breathtaking to see something so beautiful out in its natural habitat. Kyle (my boyfriend) and I even carved our name on a tree when we first started coming and we try to hunt it down every year to find it.

I can’t wait to be back next year for the fifth year in a row. We plan on staying a little longer next time which sounds perfect to me 🙂

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