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Easy Halloween Cookies

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s right when it starts to get cold outside and it just seems to make everything about staying inside the house so cozy. I like to go all out and make cute little desserts. The only thing is, this year I am extremely busy with my final year of college. So, I went for making a really quick and simple dessert. These little skeleton gingerbread cookies are perfect!

I went to the store and picked up some Betty Crocker Gingerbread cookie and cake mix (you can’t really go wrong with Betty Crocker). I went to Michael’s arts and craft store to pick up a ginger bread man cookie cutter and a white  icing tube with a fine tip. I always go to Michael’s to pick up baking tools because they’re really cheap and they ALWAYS have coupons/deals!

I went with choosing a box mix just to save time. Ideally I would love to make it from scratch but, I simply can’t with my busy schedule. The box called for using 2 tablespoons of flour but, I found that to be not nearly enough. It ended up being closer to a very sticky cake mix which made it impossible to cut with the cookie cutter. I put an extra 4 tablespoons into the mix. I coated my hands with flour as well and while I was rolling the gingerbread  dough balls I would sprinkle some over them as needed. This helped when I was flattening the dough balls because it prevented them from sticking to my hands and the cookie sheet. You can also flatten them with a large spoon if you’d like 🙂 It also helps to spray some liquid butter on the cookie sheet and rub it in with a paper towel to prevent them from sticking.


The box called for 10 minutes which I found to be perfect. After they were done in the oven I laid them out to cool and then shimmied them off the cookie sheet with a spatula. After they cooled off I used the fine tipped white icing to pipe on the little skeleton. The design ended up being pretty simple and easy to do. Just some lines and two circles!


Serve up with some milk and you’re good to go. Or however you’d like! I served these at a little party this past weekend and they ended up being a hit. I got tons of compliments on how cute and yummy they were. Don’t forget to save some for yourself 😉

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