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Bring On the Apple Cider

This past weekend the cool fall weather finally hit Baltimore. It was a cool 66 degrees with a slight over cast. Even if it only lasted for a couple days, I was super ecstatic! Weather like that calls for a day at the local farm. So, we loaded up the car and headed to Baugher’s farm located in Westminster, Maryland.

One of my favorite things to do there is go apple picking. There is something so satisfying about hunting for the perfect apple and plucking it from the tree yourself. Another thing I like about picking apples myself is that I know I am truly eating a fresh apple. When I eat apples I buy from the store my body tends to have an allergic reaction but, when I eat the apples that I pick from the tree my body doesn’t react at all. That’s why I get so excited when we go because I love to eat apples!

I can’t forget to mention all of the yummy fall goodies they had available. Not only did they have hot apple cider but, they also had apple cider slushies and apple cider donuts. If you can’t already tell, I can’t get enough! We also took some other yummy stuff home like pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls and cinnamon buns. This time of the year brings out the best in me. It makes getting through the stresses of the fall semester just a bit easier.

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